Fall Fundraising Season – Elementary schools are still registering!

Fall is in the air!  Schools still registering for fall fundraisers!

Fall is in the air! Schools still registering for fall fundraisers!

Fall is in the air. Leaves are falling and it’s getting cold. As a nationwide fundraising company, we host many fundraisers for elementary and middle schools in every state. Our headquarters are in the Denver Tech Center in Englewood, Colorado. So, check this out… we just had a snowstorm! While it’s 80 degrees in Florida, we’re snow shovelling. Oh well. Here’s really the point:

Schools are still registering for fundraisers!

We know that we are a trustworthy and profit generating fundraiser but let’s face it… It’s not because we’re good that schools are still registering. We are registering schools because schools need funds and don’t have a way to get them.

If you are a school or group looking to fundraise, we can talk it over with you, process your materials and ship to you immediately so you can get started with an amazing fundraiser.

It’s not too late and we have many groups starting so give us a call if we can help. If for some reason our services are not appropriate for your group, we will talk you through a strategy to best help you raise the funds that you need. Toll free number over here is 1-877-723-5438. We’re open Monday – Friday barring any blizzard-like conditions 🙂


Summary: Elementary schools are still registering for fall fundraisers and are welcome to call us for straight-up information and fast delivery of materials if we are a good fit with the school or group.


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