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Cherry Creek Vendor’s Fair – School Fundraising

February 25, 2010
Cherry Creek Vendor Fair - School Fundraising

Cherry Creek Vendor Fair - School Fundraising

Had a great time at the Cherry Creek Vendors Fair on Wednesday February 24th.  This is a school fundraising trade show for schools in the Cherry Creek School District (Colorado).

We don’t go to a lot of shows but this one is local to us so we enjoy going year after year.  Mostly we just give fun stuff away.  We raffled a 4 hour limo ride which was exciting and gave away a ton of great stuff.

The show was greatly improved from last year with the addition of a second room.  Last year was somewhat crowded and stuffy towards the end of the day.  This year, the flow of folks through the room was very nice and it didn’t get hot.  It was a very well done show!  There seemed to be quite a number of new vendors to the show as well which is nice to see as well.  We were (of course) the coolest school fundraising company there but we’ll keep that our little secret.

See ya again next year!


Believe Kids Fundraising Open House

February 22, 2010

Our open house was a blast and lot’s of Denver area schools came out to take a look at our fall product lines in person.  We have our warehouse and office headquarters in Englewood, CO which is in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) so local Colorado schools were able to attend.  It was really great to see everyone and hopefully we will see you at the Cherry Creek Vendor Fair this week! Thanks for checking out our amazing upcoming fall fundraiser!

We had several groups filter through at various times throughout the day.  Here are just a few photos from the event:

Elementary School Fundraising Representatives – Providing a true ‘Home’

February 22, 2010

We’ve been contacted by several fundraising reps lately and it’s nice to be considered one of the good guys out there.  Certainly, pressures on the school fundraising industry on the whole and the current state of the economy are causing reps to want to find a new ‘home’.  In order to be of better service to fundraising reps we thought it would be a good idea to provide a quick summary of Believe Kids and what we do.  Our desire is to attract the type of folks that are a great fit.  By great fit, we mean a common understanding of fundraising and our easy yet comprehensive offerings and then our philosophy.  If it seems like we share some common beliefs, we would be honored for you to represent our offerings knowing that we will make you look good to your schools, help them succeed and retain their business for future years!

Believe Kids cares if schools succeed.

We design our programs and services in every area of our company to allow schools to not only feel like they succeeded, but that they made significant money while keeping things simple. We do not believe in over-promising or under-delivering and although that may sound a bit cliche, we do what we say we will do.  This company philosophy is what makes us great.  It’s not because we don’t make mistakes – we do.  We minimize the mistakes with our commitment to good systems but more importantly, with so many moving parts, if something gets overlooked or mis-communicated, we make it right as effectively and quickly as possible – even if it’s not our actual responsibility to do so.  If a kid opens a box of chocolates on the bus and eats it, we replace it 🙂

So, enough about us.  Here’s where the ‘good fit’ part comes in.  We do not accept every representative application, not by a long shot.  We really want to but we just can’t handle it.  We do have a communication form found here where you can let us know a bit about you.  This is the first step so please start here.

Here’s a few reasons we may not be able to work together:

The noob – If you don’t have current working experience, we may not be able to proceed further.  We currently do not have a training program on fundraising basics but please feel free to still share your story with us.  We may be able to help you in some way.

The secret agent – If you are a very protective individual and want to keep your school information private.  Our system does require that we have some minimal contact with your schools.

The lone wolf – Because we’re not just a pick and pack warehouse, our products and services are delivered as a complete system.  If it’s important to you to just use a catalog and handle everything else yourself, we’re probably not the best fit.

If you’re still with us, it’s a good sign.  If you are a currently working as a fundraising rep for Sally Foster, QSP, Innisbrook, Cherrydale, Geckler, Otis Spunkmeyer etc. (any large regional or national company), you will be familiar with the basics of our fundraisers.  Please do take just a moment to familiarize yourself with us and what we have to offer from our homepage.  We do have some basic information posted about our fundraising rep program on our website’s fundraising representative page.

There is a quick deal there on that page where you can put in just a little bit about yourself.  Believe is able to offer a true ‘home’ for you if we are the right fit so please take just a minute to let us know more about yourself and we’ll go from there.


Note: We’re not the type of company that approaches fundraising representatives that are happy with their current positions.  Likewise, we are not interested in partnering with anyone who is contractually obligated to another company.  If one of these conditions are true, hang on to our information and ask about us from time-to-time.  When you are able and willing, we can re-address your needs.  Thanks so much and we look forward to your continued communication.


Jay Moneta is the Vice President of Believe Kids Fundraising, a national school fundraising company.  I encourage comments, feedback and any suggestions by leaving comments here or at twitter –