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Provide More & Change Education – PSA

July 28, 2010

Here’s a look at our newest video in our campaign to “Say No to Less in Schools.” We have a campaign of several videos promoting the need for parents to support school fundraisers. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


Introducing The Fundraising PLN – The personal learning network for school fundraising.

July 27, 2010

The School Fundraising Personal Learning Network - PLN

The School Fundraising Personal Learning Network - PLN

May I take a moment to introduce you to The Fundraising PLN – The personal learning network for school fundraising. It’s a site devoted to the education and awareness of school fundraising. With budgets being what they are, education and inspiration is the only way to raise the funds required by educators today. The site includes inspiration, ideas and advice for improving the success of school fundraisers.

Please take a moment to share the URL with anyone you can. Administrators, educators, principals and parents should all get something out of the website.


The Personal Learning Network for School Fundraising is brought to you by Believe Kids Fundraising. Hope you like it 🙂

Your ‘Big’ School Fundraiser – 3 reasons schools should have one.

July 27, 2010

Believe Kids Fundraising - Student Order

Believe Kids Fundraising - Student Order

We encourage schools to host one ‘Big’ fundraiser per semester. You will gain the following benefits:

1) Focused efforts
2) Higher profits
3) Increased participation

Having one main fundraiser allows you to focus marketing efforts on one thing. Instead of a fundraiser that goes on forever, a ‘Big’ school fundraiser could be one day (in the case of an event) and only two weeks in the case of a gift catalog fundraiser or a cookie dough fundraiser. This means you can promote ahead of time effectively, then run a concise fundraiser.

You will experience higher profits because the ‘Big’ or main fundraisers in existence today are designed to generate top-dollar for your organization and generally include prizes and promotions that help you raise more! Plus, an average sale from $10-$15 per item means that your group makes more per sale than with any other types of fundraisers.

Because of the promotions surrounding ‘Big’ school fundraising efforts, prizes and promotions and fun (in the case of school-wide events) creates excitement and kids want to be part of the action! Use incentives wherever you can to increase sales and you’ll have a winning fundraiser!

There you have it… 3 quick tips on reasons your school should host one ‘Big’ school fundraiser per semester.