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Spring Fundraising

January 27, 2011
Spring Fundraising

Spring Fundraising

There’s not a lot to leave to chance in the spring. If you’re counting on solid returns from a school fundraiser you’ll have to be dialed in. Here’s a few pointers to help you get your Spring fundraising underway with confidence.

1) If you’re hosting a product fundraiser, team up with a company to create a fundraising plan that will create success for your school or group.

2) Pick the right time to host your fundraiser – avoid running a fundraiser when school tests, holidays or competing events will divert attention away from the fundraiser.

3) Use your fundraising planning time to increase participation in the fundraiser by any means possible. Remove unproductive fundraisers, add contests and benefits that encourage involvement and create excitement.

So, there you have it… The simple way to have a successful spring fundraiser. In reality, writing three inspiring lines of text may be over-simplification but that’s why there are fundraising experts out there that can help. Not only will you find that Believe Kids has school fundraising ideas and inspiration but there are other companies out there as well that, if you pick right, can help you increase participation in your fundraisers as well.

Regardless of who you use for your school fundraisers, make sure to team up with an expert that understands how to make things profitable and easy for you throughout the process. Here’s to a successful spring!