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Improve Your PTA – 10 easy ways to ROCK your PTA!

May 10, 2011

Hi, wanted to share our newest Slideshare presentation

Improve Your PTA – 10 easy ways to ROCK your PTA!

You can download or share from the Slideshare site.  Thanks for looking!


Greenify Fundraising

May 3, 2011

Green + Fundraising. Two words you probably wouldn’t smush together in the same sentence, right?

Well, think again. For the upcoming fall spirit gear fundraiser, Believe decided to partner with Anvil, a company dedicated to producing quality clothing using earth-friendly processes. You can track every T-shirt Believe sends out this year on Anvil’s website. From to farm to factory to your elementary school, you can follow the creation of your shirt and learn about Anvil’s mission to promote a healthier planet.

While Anvil still manufactures clothing with traditional cotton fibers, the company recently began incorporating other types of green materials into its business –100 percent organic cotton, pre-consumer recycled cotton, and polyester sourced from plastic bottles. That’s right. T-shirts from plastic bottles—pretty awesome, right? To make it even sweeter, Anvil gathers all the scraps of leftover fabric material and sells them to a recycling company. On their website, they report recycling 4,378,950 pounds of scrap material in 2009. In terms of weight, that would equal 292 male African elephants. Or 729 H3 hummers. Or more than 19 million iPod touches, Believe’s 2010 top-seller fundraising prize. Just a little perspective for you there.

Feeling inspired by Anvil’s incredible values, Believe is taking bigger steps to greenify fundraising. So—get ready for it—this fall, Believe will be shipping out all of our products in boxes stuffed with recycled shipping material. More specifically, we’re shredding our old cardboard boxes and reusing the scraps as packing. By the end of our fall fundraiser, we hope to recycle more than 10,000 boxes.

All of this, along with using post-consumer paper in our catalogs and wrapping papers whenever possible as well as soy and vegetable inks in our printers, are steps we’re proud of.

Do you have any other tips to greenify fundraising? What works for your business? For your schools? Let us know!