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Quick Tip: Use email to expand your fundraiser!

August 29, 2011

Emails from teachers, administrators or principals before and during a well-orchestrated fundraiser can earn thousands!  Make sure to be updating parents via email whenever possible.  If you prepare parents in advance, they will be more likely to remain happy throughout the process and participate.  Ok, until next time!



elementary school fundraiser


3D Fundraising Already ROCKS!

August 26, 2011

Take a look at this photo!  What a way to get exited about a fundraiser and we thank you for taking the initiative to take the photo and send it our way!  Promotion like this is so FUN!


School Fundraising 3D Promotion

School Fundraising 3D Promotion & Scooter Poster

Fall Fundraising Season Has Begun..

August 26, 2011
School Fundraising Gift Catalog

2011 Fall Fundraising Gift Catalog

Hey, if you don’t hear from Believe Kids on this elementary school fundraising blog as often, it’s because we’re rocking and rollin’ on some extreme school fundraising. Here is the scoop. Fall Catalog sales are underway. Cookie dough fundraisers also beginning.

Look for more information on the fundraising PLN, BelieveJay school fundraising blog or our homepage. This is where we post all the school fundraising info.