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Fundraising News Update

April 1, 2009
Believe Kids Fundraising News

Believe Kids Fundraising News

Thank you for visiting the Believe Kids fundraising blog.  Generally, this area is reserved for our company announcements.  We do want to respond to recent news but may have more recent information here.

For anyone visiting this page with specific news on fundraising companies, let us take just a moment to clarify what is going on today in the fundraising industry.

As you know, the state of the US economy is taking a toll on many companies nationwide in many industries.  Companies of all types are closing, merging or re-structuring as a result of our recent economic struggles.

Experts agree that this year will continue to be difficult economically and companies that do not have a strong position in the marketplace may close in favor of other opportunities.

Believe has been very fortunate in this regard.  We are a strong and seasoned company with a diverse product line.   This year, we are paying close attention to the economy and how to our schools and groups will succeed like never before – even with our current economy!

Quick Believe Stats:

• 12 Years in Business
• Specialize in Catalog and Cookie Dough Fundraisers
• Work pre-dominantly with large elementary schools
• Believe offers a simple and complete fundraising solution
• We fundraise successfully with schools in every state every year
• Literally thousands of references for your review
• By far the best customer service in the industry
• Free tools for fundraising success in a bad economy
• Our award-winning catalogs earn schools more money

If you have not requested our free fundraising samples packet yet this year, we invite you to join the hundreds of schools and groups that have already decided that Believe is their best option for fundraising this year!

Our commitment is to help schools raise more money than ever while remaining insulated from fundraising company troubles and the state of the economy.

We will continue to post the newest fundraising news but we want to invite anyone needing more information on the industry or wanting fundraising advice can speak to any of our consultants toll-free: 1-877-723-5438.

Not sure if Believe Kids is for you?  Take a moment to review our un-moderated comments on our website – we think you will agree that our fundraisers are impactful while remaining easy to operate!

As with any of our posts, if you find our information interesting, please subscribe, leave comments, follow us on twitter @BelieveKids or leave a comment at our new fundraising discussion board.

We look forward to helping in any way we can!


A note to fundraising companies: As we outline on our news blog, we have the ability to help a small number of fundraising companies and even individual fundraising representatives.  We encourage you to call us toll free 1-877-723-5438.


Source – re: New Goody’s Giftco, LLC • Varsity Gold Fundraising


Fundraising News – Giftco Closing to Affect Companies Nationwide

March 20, 2009

Many fundraising companies, schools and parent groups are just finding out about the closing of Giftco, Inc. who closed it’s doors March 18th.  The economy has taken it’s toll on yet another well intentioned company and it will affect fundraising companies nationwide.

Giftco is not a household name but has helped literally every fundraising company over the years since their inception in 1975.

The fundraising industry has long relied on Giftco as the one major vendor behind-the-scene that sourced, imported and warehoused products for resale through schools and groups.  The benefits to fundraising companies were numerous and our hearts go out to the employees and families who are affected.

Given the news, companies will respond in various ways.  Companies with a high percentage of products may be in trouble.  The difficulties surrounding creating and importing may simply be too high and many companies will not be able to continue fundraising in a conventional sense.  Others may not have as much difficulty.

Believe for instance, has a very diverse catalog and if you are here specifically to find out how we are affected,  please know that we have been aware of the consolidation of the industry for a very long time.

We have taken steps not only to import our own products but to dramatically increase the number of US vendors we rely on for our products.  By limiting our exposure in any one area, we are insulated from the problems many fund raising companies are faced with today.

We will not miss a beat.

Please be careful in a time like this to keep focused on the reality of the situation – there is a need to raise funds in schools more than ever before. If you hear any negative responses or selling on fear be cautious and please let us know.  By working together, fundraising companies, schools, parent groups and communities will gain tremendous benefit as the industry is reshaped over time.

If you have questions, please contact us anytime and please follow us here or on twitter @believe and also at my personal blog – as always if you like the information we have to offer, please subscribe, add to rss feeds such as aol, yahoo, google etc or leave comments.

Fundraising Companies:  We are willing to help in any way we can.  At this point, it seems that everyone is looking for answers and it’s really too early to say how things will shake out, but, if you would like to be in contact with us please feel free.