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Believe Fall 2010 School Fundraising Offer & Extras (early sign-on-bonus)

February 10, 2010
Fundraising Early Sign-On-Bonus

Fundraising Early Sign-On-Bonus

We just announced an easy deal to get your school involved with a Believe school fundraiser in Fall 2010!

These are just extras!  We already provide everything you need (and much more) to host a successful fundraiser!

1) E-Scooter – Use this rechargeable, foldable scooter with running lights to amaze the troops!

2) 50 raffle prizes – An assortment of toys, games and gadgets that will create excitement during the fundraiser!

3) The first 100 schools to register for a fall 2010 fundraiser will be entered into a drawing for a new iMac or Dell Desktop PC.

These are the best odds ever for a drawing of this quality: Chances of winning = 1:100

Drawing for iMac or Dell Desktop Computer

Drawing for iMac or Dell Desktop Computer

These extras are provided free just for being one of the first 100 groups registered for a fall 2010 fundraiser!  You still will be offered a full and complete fundraising offer exclusive of this deal!  This promotion is meant to enhance school fundraiers for Fall 2010 as a bonus for schools on top of a more than competitive fundraising offer.

Let me know what you think of the
promotion when you can via twitter:

-Jay Moneta
Vice President
Believe Kids Fundraising