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Believe Kids Elementary School Fundraising

March 21, 2012

Believe Kids Fundraising – providing top-dollar fundraisers to elementary schools nationwide – gift and wrap catalog fundraisers, frozen cookie dough, magazine and chocolate bar fundraisers.


BelieveJay Elementary School Fundraising Blog

October 26, 2011

Hey, quick reminder that we have additional places and ways we communicate and support school fundraising.

One of those ways is with the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog. It’s information about the ideas that create school fundraising success and the limitations of our industry.

We’ve got a number of challenges to overcome which will allow schools to raise the significant amounts of money they need without the problems of todays fundraising.

Through the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog, you’ll not see only problems with the fundraising industry, but solutions as well.

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog

Fall Fundraising Gift & Wrap Catalog – Magical Holidays in 3D

March 24, 2011

Yes, the upcoming Believe ‘Magical Holidays’ Catalog is available and we are taking calls and emails about it. This fall fundraising gift & wrap catalog features 175 items for purchase raising significant dollars for schools and large groups nationwide.

Magical Holidays 2011 Gift & Wrap Catalog Fundraiser

Magical Holidays 2011 Gift & Wrap Catalog Fundraiser

Fall catalog fundraising with gift & wrap item assortments is incredibly popular with elementary schools and school districts because it produces results. Not just average returns either. Significant funds can be raised for elementary schools through fundraising catalogs because an amazing fundraising catalog is teamed up with 33+ free and easy-to-use benefits.

Benefits include complimentary marketing materials, free shipping, participation programs, prize programs and much more – no time to explain now but more information can be found on our website there you will find the preview fundraising catalog and the what you get school fundraising benefits page.

This program along with a special website and 3D prize program is offered in 3D – Go ahead, find out more!

So, for more information about elementary school fundraising contact us anytime!