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BelieveJay Elementary School Fundraising Blog

October 26, 2011

Hey, quick reminder that we have additional places and ways we communicate and support school fundraising.

One of those ways is with the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog. It’s information about the ideas that create school fundraising success and the limitations of our industry.

We’ve got a number of challenges to overcome which will allow schools to raise the significant amounts of money they need without the problems of todays fundraising.

Through the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog, you’ll not see only problems with the fundraising industry, but solutions as well.

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog


Fall Fundraising Season Has Begun..

August 26, 2011
School Fundraising Gift Catalog

2011 Fall Fundraising Gift Catalog

Hey, if you don’t hear from Believe Kids on this elementary school fundraising blog as often, it’s because we’re rocking and rollin’ on some extreme school fundraising. Here is the scoop. Fall Catalog sales are underway. Cookie dough fundraisers also beginning.

Look for more information on the fundraising PLN, BelieveJay school fundraising blog or our homepage. This is where we post all the school fundraising info.

Elementary School Fundraising Information & Ideas

April 22, 2010

We hope you consider Believe Kids for your main fall fundraiser!

If you get a moment, go to and request information.

We will get you out a complete samples package so you can judge for yourself the quality of our products and programs.

In the meantime, here are just a few program highlights:

• Easy to run
• No cost to you
• We process order forms
• Fast turnaround
• Free shipping
• Unreal customer service

We offer only heavy-hitting fundraisers for busy parent groups.

Please visit!