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Quick Tip: Use email to expand your fundraiser!

August 29, 2011

Emails from teachers, administrators or principals before and during a well-orchestrated fundraiser can earn thousands!  Make sure to be updating parents via email whenever possible.  If you prepare parents in advance, they will be more likely to remain happy throughout the process and participate.  Ok, until next time!



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Elementary School Fundraising Personal Learning Network – PLN

June 18, 2010
Elementary School Fundraising PLN

Elementary School Fundraising Personal Learning Network

We’ve just announced a new blog site.

It’s a personal learning network for anyone interested in elementary school fundraising.  PTA, PTO, Principals, Administrators, parents and the community can gain insight on elementary school fundraising via the new PLN blog.  For more information visit my elementary school fundraising blog post. We are looking forward to providing a variety of valuable information regarding school fundraisers that will contribute to fundraising success!

To access the site directly without further introduction click here – elementary school fundraising pln