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10 School Fundraising Strategies That Add Color To Your School Fundraisers

April 16, 2012
10 School Fundraising Strategies Infographic

10 School Fundraising Strategies Infographic

10 School Fundraising Strategies That Add Color To Your School Fundraisers

This infographic outlines 10 strategies to create successful fundraising.  There should be LESS fundraising that is MORE EFFECTIVE!  This helps.  By choosing correctly, making it important and getting the word out, success happens!  Be a hero during your next fundraiser!  Ok, thanks for looking!

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No Hassle School Fundraising For PTA’s and PTO’s – what does that mean?

April 13, 2012
School Fundraiser - customer service

When it comes for school fundraiser customer service, leave the PTA / PTO alone!

No Hassle School Fundraising Means No Customer Service for Parent Groups!

Believe Kids fundraising is a rare breed.  I was chatting with one of our school fundraising representatives today who reminded me that many fundraising companies require that the parent group is contacted when a fundraising item is missing or damaged or they have a simple question.  I understand that many times, paperwork must be filled out as well.

Clearly, this sounds like a headache and can’t do much for fixing problems quickly.

When it comes to Believe Kids fundraising, customers who receive fundraising items are encouraged to call directly if they have any questions or problems with their items. The toll-free number is clearly listed on all student order receipts and all other communications.

The parent group is not asked to get involved or be the middle man!  In fact, Believe Kids lets PTA and PTO groups know ahead of time that if they receive calls or emails about anything from questions about the products themselves, to how student credits work on the fundraising website, all they have to do is call or email us.

Hey, if that’s not good enough, we’re available here (in the form of comments on blogs), on our website, via twitter or on our Facebook pages. We’ll stop at nothing to fix parents problems and questions so the PTA of PTO doesn’t have to!

Now, no customer service for busy parent groups is reason to celebrate!


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Make a Difference in Your Child’s Education…

April 5, 2012

Please watch this!

Supporting school fundraisers is a good thing!