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101 Low & No Cost Promotions For Your School Fundraiser

April 4, 2012



Announcing the publication of 101 Low & No Cost Promotions for Your Fundraiser on Kindle.

This book summarizes 101 promotions that principals, teachers & administrators can use to encourage sales in their school fundraiser!  Fundraising contests & promotions work so check it out when you can!  This book was written with elementary school fundraisers in mind, but the ideas contained within are valuable for most groups including middle schools, sports teams and many other groups. Thanks for looking and here’s the link:

101 Low & No Cost Promotions for Your Fundraiser

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More up-to-date information on the BelieveJay blog – Elementary school information and advice


BelieveJay Elementary School Fundraising Blog

October 26, 2011

Hey, quick reminder that we have additional places and ways we communicate and support school fundraising.

One of those ways is with the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog. It’s information about the ideas that create school fundraising success and the limitations of our industry.

We’ve got a number of challenges to overcome which will allow schools to raise the significant amounts of money they need without the problems of todays fundraising.

Through the BelieveJay elementary school fundraising blog, you’ll not see only problems with the fundraising industry, but solutions as well.

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog

BelieveJay School Fundraising Blog

October 25, 2011

School fundraising website comments from kids obviously excited about the fundraiser.  We think this is precious. Click to enlarge

School fundraising website comments

School fundraising website comments